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on June 4, 2013

Dingbat Says

Apparently there’s some sort of a thing going on about the Hello episode (aka Hello Counselor) that Shinhwa appeared on May 13th. Some fans were disappointed/offended by comments DW made about the guest girl whose mom fed her only sweet potatoes so that she’ll lose weight.

The fans’ disappointment was that he looked like a douche bag, kind of indirectly insulting her when he said she wasn’t skinny. When I watched it, it seemed to me that he tried to say it in a nice way, and recognizing it and finding a way to a better diet were something the girl, her mom, and the entire segment were based on. But still, some people were offended.

Well, it turned out that the entire show was edited and put together in a way that made him sound insensitive. From someone who was at the taping of the show, the whole story…

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