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what fans can do for environment


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Being a fans not always have a negative meaning.  Look some fans of U2  who are supporting antiproverty campaign and Korean fans such as 2NE1’s fans who donated 1.210 mango trees for people in Africa or Shinhwa Changjo (SHCJ), fans of Shinhwa, who creating two forests in name of Shinhwa.  Not only one forest but two forest. Tree Planet, an organisation who help SHCJ dreams come true, says that these two forests are eternal gift fans can give to their idol. This eternal gift were given to celebrate Shinhwa 15th anniversary. These forests composed of six different kind of trees, and it become home for many wild animal such as insects, birds, lizard etc.

(More info about Shinhwa forest ~>

It is not only gift for the idol group, but also a gift to these environment. Nowadays,  world is getting hotter and hotter. The quality of environment getting lower and…

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Shinhwa’s Two Favorite Words: FREE FOOD

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[Media Photo] Lee Minwoo WolfM Rebirth Launching Party 28072013

Gogopoweranger8's Blog

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Credits: Newsen, Osen, Wstarnews, Starnews.

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SNSD members give their dae-sunbaes ShinHwa some lovin’.

SNSD Korean

SNSD are often referred to these days as ‘dae-sunbae (awesome seniors)’ by younger groups, which makes ShinHwa dae-dae-sunbaes. Having recently wrapped up promotions for their 11th studio album, first generation idol group have been proving that they still got it, recently doing a concert tour. A couple SNSD members made sure to attend the grand finale show, giving some support to the legendary group.

Taeyeon uploaded a video onto instagram on August 3rd of the crowd during the concert opening, commenting “I’m nervous! Looking forward to it looking forward to it. #ShinHwaCreation~

The chuckles heard in the video were apparently Yuri, as photos were also released of the two members visiting M a.k.a Minwoo backstage

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Shinhwa Show Off Signature Charisma in “2013 Shinhwa Grand Final–The Classic In Seoul”

My KR World


On August 3 and 4, Shinhwa performed the “2013 Shinhwa Grand Final—The Classic in Seoul” concerts at the Olympic Park Stadium, Seoul.  With the Seoul concerts, Shinhwa ended their Asia promotional tour for their eleventh full-length album “The Classic” which was released earlier in the year in May 2013; their Asia tour also covered the cities of Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taipei, Tokyo, and Beijing.  With a fervent following that had patiently awaited their comeback, Shinhwa sold all 27,000 tickets for their Seoul concerts within five minutes on the day that ticket sales were opened.


In the performances, Shinhwa sported clean looks, sharp haircuts, and military-inspired costumes.  The boys show off their signature charisma and intense dance moves.  Girls’ Generation members Taeyeon (with Yuri) and Sunny (with YoonA) uploaded photographs on their Instagram accounts commemorating their attendance at the Seoul performances.





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Even though you got a boyfriend I don’t care ;)

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DW on Hello

Dingbat Says

Apparently there’s some sort of a thing going on about the Hello episode (aka Hello Counselor) that Shinhwa appeared on May 13th. Some fans were disappointed/offended by comments DW made about the guest girl whose mom fed her only sweet potatoes so that she’ll lose weight.

The fans’ disappointment was that he looked like a douche bag, kind of indirectly insulting her when he said she wasn’t skinny. When I watched it, it seemed to me that he tried to say it in a nice way, and recognizing it and finding a way to a better diet were something the girl, her mom, and the entire segment were based on. But still, some people were offended.

Well, it turned out that the entire show was edited and put together in a way that made him sound insensitive. From someone who was at the taping of the show, the whole story…

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I will make a tutorial for your Fangirling World
Hope it can help all of you ^^
Btw, sorry for my bad English


You can use IDM (Internet Download Manager) but i will tell you the simple way
1. Open on your browser
2. Copy & paste your video link to the box and click “Download”
3. Wait a moment, you will get the link for download the video

The screenshot: supports:



1. Download & install Ultra Video Joiner (link => This is full version with serial number… Sorry for the developer –“)
2. Open the software, add your videos

3. Please note:
– Arrange your videos, the top is the 1st and so on (Please rename your video if it has a special character: Korean font, Japanese font…

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All About Shinhwa

Korea’s top male group, that has been around for 14 years, Shinhwa’s member Jun Jin, appeared in Xiamen yesterday, and had a party together with China fans! On New Year’s Eve, as satellite channels throughout the country fight to grab viewership, Xiamen too has welcomed a superstar. Which caused Jun Jin fans to come together from Hainan, Szechuan, Shanghai etc, just so that they can welcome 2013 together with their idol!

Jun Jin planning on opening Weibo to have closer interactions with fans

Last night, Jun Jin appeared at the press conference at Xiamen’s Hong Tai Music Hall, and greeted fans present with simple Chinese. Choosing Xiamen for his first New Year countdown after his comeback, Jun Jin said it is thanks to the support of fans throughout China, that the event can be held. On his impression of Xiamen, “Because I took a night flight to Xiamen, so when…

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